Identity And Heritage

Laura's cultural heritage greatly shapes who she is, and she continously uncovers, questions and processes personal narratives. Some of her earliest childhood memories surround her grandparents experiences in the Holocaust and Laura feels that generational trauma and anxiety filter through the generations. Much of Laura's work focuses on processing this history and dealing with anxieties. Laura also explores the layers of identity she holds as a culturally strong yet secular Jewish woman and mother. Despite her strong textiles practice, Laura adopts the most symbolic materials within her work and this often results in multi disciplinary work.

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Abfahrt Mach England ( 1,2 & 3)The Lists ( work in progress)The Lists ( work in progress)BoardingAbfahrt Mach England ( tapestry version)Lockdown AnxietyFear, Loss, Survival, GuiltFear,Loss,Survival, GuiltHoppe Reiter ( complete)Meine Geliebte PoppiProcessing Documents ( sample pieve) 2022My Grandmothers Journey,2021The TailorUncovering, 2006pure, 200420,000 Cubes, 200520,000 cubes ( close up)